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Torres del Paine Guided W Explore Trek

Низкий уровень комфорта
Ночевки в палатках, гест-хаусах, кемпингах. Отсутствие душа или без горячей воды.
Средний уровень
Активности в рамках одной локации или изменение нескольких локаций в течение маршрута, инфраструктурно-развитые локации, периодические вылазки на природу.
Средний возраст
От 1 до 99 лет

Главные впечатления

  • Experience stunning views of the French Valley, Grey Glacier, and Torres del Paine
  • Enjoy a scenic ferry crossing Lake Pahoe
  • Camp in superb and unforgettable mountain landscapes

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Challenge yourself on this unforgettable and rewarding trek through Torres del Paine in Southern Patagonia. Witness unforgettable vistas, discover the Grey Glacier and its lake with floating icebergs, the French Valley, and the Base of Torres del Paine among other stunning sights on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.


Старт: , Puerto Natales
Финиш: , Puerto Natales

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День 1 . Puerto Natales - Torres Del Paine

The day before your departure, you will receive your welcome kit and vouchers at the induction talk in Puerto Natales. The following day, we meet at 6:30 am to take the 7 am bus to Torres del Paine National Park which takes about 2.5 hours. We will hike Mount Cerro Paine (1,508 meters) to enjoy one of the most impressive views of the national park. The hike begins through a beautiful wooded area of the Ascencio Valley. This path follows the Agostini route, named after a famous person who took a classic photo of the Towers in the 40s. From the summit of Mount Cerro Paine, there is a truly unique and impressive panoramic view: Las Torres peaks towering to the west, the Paine River Valley and Blue Lagoon to the east, and the Nordenskjöld and Sarmiento lakes to the south. A view that includes granite towers, glaciers, lakes, forests, and pampas from one single 360° lookout. After a refreshing snack at the summit, we will return using the same route, have dinner and spend the night in the Central sector.

Hike: 8 to 10 hours - 15km / Difficulty: High / Altitude Initial: 120m, Highest: 1,508m

День 2 . Torres Del Paine

During the morning, you can choose between a beautiful horseback ride along the banks of the Lake Nordenskjöld or rock climbing in the "Puma Cave" which has climbing walls with 4 routes with 3 levels of difficulty: basic (without or with little experience), medium and expert. In the afternoon, we will walk 11 km bordering Lake Nordenskjöld and Mount Almirante Nieto until we reach the impressive Los Cuernos mountains. On this hike we will have beautiful views of Los Cuernos, hanging glaciers and lakes, and we can also observe the flora and fauna in the area. Late afternoon, we will arrive at Cuernos sector where we have dinner and spend the night.

Hike: 3.5hours - 11km / Difficulty: Medium /Altitude Initial: 120m, Highest: 270m

День 3 . Torres Del Paine

Today we explore one of the least visited places in the Park, where we will connect with the tranquility of nature. The hike starts from the Cuernos sector and leads west to the Bader Valley. Along the way, we will cross forests and a basecamp for mountaineers. The further we go, the more challenging the trail becomes including a steep and slippery moraine. If you are fit and the weather conditions allow it, we will make it all the way to the Bader Valley Lookout, with a glacier lagoon and unique landscapes. We will return taking the same path, have dinner and spend the night at Cuernos sector.

Hike: 10 hours - 7km / Difficulty: High / Altitude Initial: 84m, Highest: 1,151m

День 4 . Torres Del Paine

On this day we will reach the third part of the W Circuit, a place that offers an unforgettable view of the fascinating Grey Glacier. First, we will walk beside a large waterfall where you can fill your bottle with the purest water in Patagonia. Then, we will pass a beautiful beach on the shores of Lake Nordenskjöld. We will continue the hike which offers fascinating views of the Francés Glacier and Mount Paine Grande, the highest point of the Paine Massif (3,050 m). We then continue to walk between Ñirres, Coigües, and Nosotros trees to reach the first lookout of Lake Grey where you will see numerous icebergs. We will continue walking accompanied by the impressive view of the Grey Glacier until we reach the Grey sector, where we will have dinner and spend the night.

Hike: 8 to 10 hours - 22km / Difficulty: High / Altitude Initial: 120m, Highest: 320m

День 5 . Torres Del Paine - Puerto Natales

During the morning we will walk towards the hanging bridges that offer an impressive view of the Grey Glacier, the southern tip of the Southern Patagonian Ice Fields. If you are looking for a more extreme adventure, you can choose a guided Kayak tour on Lake Grey or ice hiking on the glacier (these two activities are not included in the program and must be requested in advance). In the afternoon we will hike back to the Paine Grande sector to take the boat to Pudeto at 6:30 pm. There, the bus will wait for us to return to Puerto Natales.

Hike: 6 to 8 hours - 19km / Difficulty: High / Altitude Initial: 43m, Highest: 313m

Option 1: Ice Hiking Grey Glacier - First, we will take a zodiac to a safe landing spot to access the glacier, and then following an introductory security speech, the ice hiking adventure on the incomparable Grey Glacier will begin. The activity lasts approximately 2.5 hours and takes you to explore cracks, rivers, lagoons, tunnels, and ice caves within the glacier. Duration: 5 hours / Age: 14-65 years / Includes: Helmet, backpack, ice ax, harness, crampons, and snack.

Option 2: Kayak Lake Grey - This experience begins with an introductory security speech, followed by paddling beside huge floating icebergs and giant walls of ice on the east side of Grey Glacier. Duration: 2.5 hours / Age: 14-65 years / Includes: Double kayak, wetsuit, paddling jacket, neoprene boots, neoprene mamba, spray skirt, paddle, life jacket, helmet, dry bag, and snack.

***NOTE: Optional activities are subject to availability (min. 2 people, max 8 people), if you are interested, book the activity of your choice in advance.***

Тип размещения

  • Кемпинги

Комментарии к сложности программы

Moderate-High Level of fitness required. (You must be capable of carrying a backpack with your belongings and hiking along steep and uneven mountain trails)

В стоимость включено

  •  4 nights accommodation - camping or in refugios. 1-night lodging in the Central sector, 2 nights in the Cuernos sector, and 1 night in the Grey sector depending on availability.
  •  Transport 
  •  13 Meals - 4 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 4 Dinners
  •  Professional guide
  • Handy extras and accessories

В стоимость не включено

  • International and/or domestic flights
  • Other activities
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips

Условия отмены

90+ days prior to trip departure - 85% Refund Between 30 and 89 days prior to trip departure - Charged 65% of the total booking price Between 0 and 29 days prior to trip departure - No Refund

Требования к гостю

Patagonia has unpredictable weather, that’s why we recommend you to bring: 40 liters Backpack, 20-25 liters Backpack for day hikes, Waterproof jacket, and trousers (GORE-TEX), Warm clothes (Polar Tec), Comfortable trousers for trekking, T-shirts, Long sleeve shirts, Trekking boots, Sandals (for showering, resting and crossing streams), Flashlight, Earplugs, Sunglasses, Towel, Enough battery supplies for the whole trek (there are no places to charge batteries), Padlock, Warm hat, Sun hat, Gloves, Sunscreen, Camera (with charger, memory cards, and waterproof bag), Binoculars, Water bottle (Nalgene), Ziploc bags (for taking your trash back), Trekking Poles.

Other Useful Information:

IMPORTANT: In 2016 the Torres del Paine National Park Service has prohibited campers to cook their own food at the campsites in an effort to protect the cleanliness and preservation of the park environment. Therefore, we no longer offer options 'without meals'.

The Refugios have the following referential meals schedules:

  • Breakfast: 07:30 - 09:30
  • Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00
  • Dinner: 19:30 - 21:30

For the preservation of the park, please do not leave trash on the trails, take it out of the park in a plastic bag (Leave No Trace philosophy). Please use water and electricity in a conscious manner.

For environmental purposes, in some of the Refugios, the electricity is turned off during the night, between 23.00 PM and 07.00 AM. The use of certain electronic devices is not possible due to the fact that they may overcharge our systems (for example: hairdryers). Please bring enough batteries.

Concerning connectivity: The National Park and the Lodges don't have cellphone or Internet connectivity due to their remote location. GPS devices work properly all over the Torres del Paine National Park.


"To be happy one must enjoy life, travel and be close to nature, share experiences with loved ones and be in harmony with what you think, say and do in your life"

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"To be happy one must enjoy life, travel and be close to nature, share experiences with loved ones and be in harmony with what you think, say and do in your life"

I'm a world traveler myself and my focus has always been on enjoying every single moment in life, traveling and meeting new people, and going to amazing off-the-beaten-path destinations, all while directly interacting with local villagers and appreciating the natural environment during the process. That's why my friend and I founded a travel company in 2005, with a vision to provide an unforgettable learning and travel experience for all types of travelers. скрыть
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