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What is

We are a community of travel enthusiasts who want to make it easier for other travelers to discover new places and gain new experiences. offers unique and diverse specialized tours led by travel experts around the world who know all of the local best-kept secrets. It is a service for those who need a travel companion when their friends and loved ones can’t join them for one reason or another. It offers an exciting new travel experience you couldn’t find time or company for — whether it is an expedition to a remote wilderness, a yoga retreat, or a sailing holiday. On top of that, it gives you an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded people and make life-long friends who share your passion for traveling and exploring new horizons.

How it started

We love to travel and over the years visited over 30 countries planning everything ourselves — researching local tips, finding unique places, and off the beaten track. But at some point, as it happens, we had so much to do, we simply had no time to plan a new trip and decided to get a package tour to Hainan. And it was a big disappointment. Everything that could go wrong, did — from a 5-hour flight delay to our local guide taking advantage of us not speaking Chinese. So after this, what could only be called the worst trip in our lives, we decided to look for services that offer interesting tours, but couldn’t find any. So we made one.

The service was launched in June 2018, and already one month later we had our first tourist! Today we have over 1500 travel experts, offering 2000 tours in 130 countries around the world.

Our team

We strive to dream big and aim high. We constantly research, test, and implement new approaches, which allows us to grow approximately by 20–30% per month. Today we have a team of 16 in-house specialists and an ever-growing network of freelancers, all working remotely from different places around the world — USA, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and — who have the same goal to make better.

Our plans

Everything we do is at the service of our product. Our current focus is on expanding the market, growing the community of tour experts, and finding new audiences. We always look for new investments and partners, so that we can expand our reach to an English-speaking part of the world. We are working on our website and blog and plan to introduce new features to make communication between travelers and travel experts easier.