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Rating 4.86 (5720 reviews)
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Thank you so much for the new Turkey!!!!! This trip showed a country that my husband and I have been to many times, from a completely different side. Thanks to the organizers Alexei and Victor. Everything is at the highest level. Constant attention and care from Victor could not leave us indifferent. Great atmosphere in our small group! Liked everything. Hamam and Bosporus, islands and palaces, kebabs and baklava))))) Well, you have to visit Cappadocia. It is another planet. We are waiting for new routes, thank you!!!! Marina and Volodya. Read more
Weekend tour is a tour that allows you to reload, and if it coincides with visiting beautiful and interesting places it is twice as wonderful! Ossetia is a very beautiful region by its nature which you can visit in a longer tour! Throughout the trip we felt kindness and hospitality! Thank you! Read more
This is one of the best vacations of my life!!!
Indescribable scenery, soulful company, centuries of history and a sea of vivid impressions!!!
Abdul, thank you for such a wonderful tour! I now recommend everyone to visit Dagestan, because it really takes a part of your heart!) Read more
Everything was excellent, thanks to Ruslan and his team. Dagestan is great.
The hike along the Eastern Lycian Trail, for me the first hike in the mountains in my life. Therefore, to compare with something, I can not.
All went smoothly (for me), without injuries and diseases. I checked my strength and saw the power and beauty of nature.
The management of the group was competent and clear. Kirill Yasko is a professional in his work.
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A month has passed since our trip to Dagestan, I could not leave a review for a long time, but it seems that now we need to do it, so that people understand where they are going. Our author's tour with Alexey was called horseback riding Silk Road in Dagestan, how long we've been waiting for this trip! Before the start of the tour ill our guide Alexey, so in the eyes did not even see him, promising that instead of him there will be another no less interesting guide, we relaxed! Well, here begins our journey from the airport in Makhachkala, everything seemed fine, but the driver just took us somewhere in the mountains, he said, "Ask what interests us, hm strange that we are interested in a completely new place, probably all!!! No stories, no comments on the places we travel through, well, okay, we decided, we are taken to the guest house where we will live for 5 days, probably there we will be met and told everything, we got to our house in the evening, went to and aghast from such filth from the conditions and the "hospitality", Well today our guide is not there, as they said he was busy, that is, in the evening we did not learn the program for the next day, how many rise that we will do, and so it seems it was necessary to read the program on the site and not to ask stupid questions. The dinner was "amazing" chicken soup and rice porridge, there was no other way to call it. And where were the national dishes? And where are the clean dishes at least? There are remnants of food on forks, evidently left by previous travelers. You may ask what I wanted from Dagestan. I wanted for 35000 rubles at least basic cleanliness. We went to bed in friendship. I'll say nothing about the room, I'll just attach a photo. In the morning without waiting for hot water, washed together cold, went down for breakfast, about food in this house and already does not want to write anything, not despairing we decided that we came for the horses. We were taken to the horses, but not everyone, because there was no place, the rest walk up the hill in the mud. In this tour it was written that the best jockey will teach us to ride horses, so without even introducing themselves to some people, puts us on horseback, with an explanation only how to stop and how to go faster, I thought I was well what else is needed in priepiecipe. And we went on these wonderful friends of the man. The horse was stupidly did not care what you say, because it is wild and not accustomed to ride people in general. As I found out later today was the horse's first day with people and before that, it was on its own for a month. Hm, what was my surprise that we untrained, the first time sitting on a horse, just send the hike in the mountains where the serpentine, walking about an hour and realizing that there is no safety that the two instructors, if they can be called that ahead chatting and galloping carelessly, without paying attention to the group is already behind at a decent distance, I decided to get the hell out of this tour. Having called our guide, who was only listed on the site, agreed that we get out of here as soon as possible. At the same time having paid the entire amount of the tour. Of course it was worth it to argue this point, but when you are in a place where you do not know anyone, where there is no Internet, and you can not call a taxi, and pay a not so much money to leave as soon as possible from this horror. So 35 000 is very, very expensive for this tour, don't even think about going to it, go by yourself, and you will have comfort and spend a lot less! And yes, we did not see our guide! Read more
This is my first experience of such tours, it was attracted by the variety of training. It was really interesting, the trainers offered simplified and complicated versions of exercises. Almost all training sessions were held in the fresh air, with music, which created a special atmosphere and a great mood. Besides, we had a lot of fun outside the classroom, so we had no time to be bored)) Thanks to Masha, Nastya and Alyona for the sea of positive emotions, it was great! Read more
Overall, the trip was enjoyable.
Personally, I found the backpacking up to the mountain refuge difficult and even more difficult the day we climbed Tubkal and then descended 2000m down to the village - I wouldn't want to do that ever again.
It was also hard to hit the long road straight away the next day.
Overall, the long journeys of 7-9 hours throughout the tour were exhausting.
From the tour, the things I enjoyed most were visiting the fish market in Essaouira, touring the kasbah in Skoura, hiking in the desert and Chefchaouen.
It's hard to say how the itinerary and programme would have been better structured.
I would have preferred longer stops on the itinerary - at least for 1 full day, not just overnight.
From Casablanca to Fez and back would have been a train ride.
Accommodations were generally liked, individual comments we passed on to Yura.
The local guide was useless and intrusive, it would have been better not to have him at all. On his recommendation on the way to Shefshauen we stopped for lunch in a restaurant, which was very expensive, and all who agreed to eat there got severe food poisoning, have not recovered yet.
The instructor was Yuri Belyaev, he was great, he was very cool.
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If a beach holiday is not for you. You like to learn, to see, to get to know the country. You want every day to see a new Morocco, immerse yourself in the local color. Looking for someone to do it with and reading this review - do not hesitate to book a tour with Khalil. This is a man who is in love with his country, knows it very well and its history. He is a very positive and decent person. He will do everything to make you have only positive emotions from Morocco. A tour with Khalil exceeded all our expectations! Thank you Khalil! Read more