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Emotions are off the scale, as living in Almaty I did not know and did not even think that we have such beauty☺️
I think everyone needs to look at it and feel the atmosphere of the trip and the locations🔥 Read more
The tour was very pleasant, and corresponds to its name, everything was thought out in detail. You can see that the organizers are responsible and did their best, creating the most comfortable conditions for the trip. Not once have I regretted that I chose them. This is truly an honest review. From the bottom of my heart I wish the guys a lot of success, and that they don't lose their brand and zest when scaling up. Read more
The tour was very enjoyable, although it was in my home country, but it was designed so that we were both the most popular places, as well as where our jeeps could only reach and we could see the wild beauty of our country. Plus the tour had elements of gastra and ethnic tour, we felt the culture of Kazakhstan, so we lived in yurts and ate natural products, which we ate.
cooked by locals 🥰.
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I was fortunate to participate in a bike tour of the Aegean coast of Turkey with Vladislav twice already in October 2021 and June 2022. Each trip was memorable as a great feast of mind and body. A sea of wonderful impressions from a previously unknown perception of Turkey. Every day a new route through the beautiful mountainous terrain on the road, where there are almost no people or cars, with panoramic views and bays of the sea, lake, spacious farms and groves where pomegranates, lemons and watermelons grow. The feeling of flight from the movement is especially pleasant when driving down the highway, a touch of warm wind, silence and the unique scent of foliage of trees in a beautiful area creates an unforgettable atmosphere of peace and happiness. The architecture of small towns and villages, different from the classic Turkey, gave me the impression that I was not only in different cities, but also in different countries, so I often felt that I was in Italy or Slovenia, during a bike trip we stopped at a spacious beach for kite-surfers, visited the thermal springs near the lake, enjoyed a boat ride with a delicious lunch on board, and after swimming in the sea, or the hotel pool, in the evenings we enjoyed walking around the city together, had dinner in the best restaurants, shared our impressions.
During the bike rides we stopped in cozy cafes to take a break on the way and enjoy a fresh juice or a cup of Turkish coffee, we were pleasantly impressed by the places where we had lunch, these were tried and tested restaurants, where the gastronomic pleasure of delicious dishes, fresh seafood, a glass of wine and a friendly atmosphere began.
And behind the scenes of all this pleasure was felt professional preparatory work in selecting cities and hotels for accommodation, basic and alternative cycling routes, focusing on the capabilities and wishes of our group, advice and assistance in dealing with issues throughout the holiday. I assume that Vladislav's many years of experience and professionalism in bicycle tourism, his great love for his business, and his heartfelt approach to people made these trips so unusual and joyful.

I would like to note the excellent quality of bicycles, a pledge of safety and confidence on the road. Car-companion is a big plus not only for the novice bicycle tourists when you can ride part of the way up the mountain by car while the rest of the group continues on the way by car, but also for those who prefer a more moderate leisure after dinner. At the end of each trip there is a great desire to go with Vladislav in future cycling tours, as there is already a firm knowledge that you can rely on a guide, with whom it is very pleasant to deal, to rest together, to communicate, to gain experience, and thus feel the freedom, ease and safety of the entire trip
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That was an amazing trip! Totally transforming! Himalayas are incredibly beautiful. We went to the hidden places in India where you won’t see much tourists. Very special. We’ve visited native Himalayan people, ashrams, talked to the monks; we were swimming in a hot springs… and, of course, we went to the most beautiful hike in my life —to the source of Ganga. What surprised me — Himalayan India is nice and clean, people that live there is very nice. I’ll definitely go back there again ! Read more
Travel expert's answer: Thank you for feedback and trust! And Enjoy your time, holysister:)
I have long chosen where to start exploring Turkey, from the Lycian Trail or Cappadocia, from Bodrum or Kas, but I decided to start with Istanbul, with its history and architecture. I have always been attracted and attracted to study other countries, other people, their traditions and way of life. Thanks to Lilya for the possibility to penetrate into the city and the country as a whole. It was exactly what I was looking for - walking 20 km a day, a lot of interesting and unusual locations, which many tourists do not just walk to, but just do not know that they are, just turn into the main streets. It was very fascinating under the current circumstances to squeeze cash out of ATMs in every way, but we made it and left with a lot of shopping and a lot of impressions. This trip is perfect for those who are not looking for an all inclusive, but want to walk around, get to know, try, get tired, get surprised and enjoy the company of nice people. And yes, the tradition is another birthday in a new country - done.
Lilya, I want to thank you very much for all the positive emotions, for your attention and care, for the unusual locations and interesting historical stories, it was very informative)
I am sure we will meet again)
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Travel expert's answer: Thank you so much Anya) I am very happy that I have the honor to open Turkey for you) And I am very glad that Turkey did not disappoint you!) I will be happy to see you again on my travels, and not only! If you are in Kazan, write! ) Read more
The tour is amazing, Armenia is beautiful, I recommend it to everyone. The monasteries in the mountains, the Tatev ropeway, the eco-hotel with an unreal view from the window of the room, bathing in Sevan is only a small part of what you can see in this tour. Do not doubt, go for sure. Read more
Great trip organization and execution. I recommend it! Everything is super!
Travel expert's answer: Natalia, I am very happy that you enjoyed your trip! Thank you so much for your feedback! Take a look at our page and we hope to see you again on one of our tours!
I liked the tour very much, moreover I went to tighten my body and myself. I went home refreshed, with new knowledge and my beauty. Training helped me to see the truth, and meditations opened my confidence and resource 💪 Thanks to the talented organizer, she is a great example of beauty and intelligence for every woman, you can and should strive for that! Read more
We were on a tour together with my wife. We loved it, the hotel is great, the beach is very beautiful. We did yoga at sunset, did morning breathing exercises.
The food is also at a high level. Thank you. Read more